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Natural Resources For Sale

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Price per Boulder Bulk Boulder Price
(1 ton or more)
# of Boulders
4" to 1' Stones
$1.00 each N/A N/A
1' Boulders
$32 each $125/ton 15-18
2' Boulders
$65 each $135/ton 7-8
3' Boulders
$115 each $155/ton 3

4' Boulders

$250 each $175/ton 1
5' Boulders
$350 each N/A N/A


Fill dirt/sand - $1.00/yard

Top soil - $6.00/yd

Firewood - $10.00 per pickup truck load (you cut)

Wood Chips - $5.00/cu. yd.


From time to time, we have large quantities of free top soil and fill dirt, 
please call 574-277-0116 for availability.

To place orders or questions call the Cooreman Real Estate Group at 574-277-0116.

Please call 3-5 days ahead for directions and coordination of purchases & pickups.
Liability waivers must be signed and purchase paid before any work can be done. 

Loading is $45 per hour. Delivery by area is an additional cost and delivery does not include placement.

Seller not responsible for damage to yard if requested to work on homeowner's property.