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Frequently Asked Questions

About Building A Home

What's the best way to choose a builder?
Contact the Cooreman Real Estate Group by phone or e-mail.  Meet with various builders who build in price range and neighborhood you have selected.  Meet with the ones that do, then call some of their references.  Visit our section on Choosing Your Builder and follow the advice given

About Our Neighborhoods

How do I reserve a lot?
The lot can be put on "hold" for up to two weeks, however, the lot remains on the market but is identified as "on hold". If Cooreman Real Estate Group is presented with another offer, the party putting the lot on hold has three business days after notification of another offer to purchase the lot. Please be aware that the $100 hold fee is refundable if you do not purchase a lot; otherwise the $100 hold fee is applied to the earnest money.
Do the neighborhoods have covenants?
Each neighborhood has covenants and restrictions designed to maintain the resale value of you home.
Who provides the utility services?

In each of our subdivisions, natural gas is supplied by NIPSCO, electric by American Electric Power, and cable television by local cable service. Choose your own long distance phone service.  Stone Oak Estates and New Prairie Knolls both offer local calling to South Bend/Mishawaka.  NIPSCO and AEP rates are among the lowest in the country.

View our subdivision utility list here.

About St. Joseph County

Are there parks and recreation facilities nearby?
In the New Carlisle area, there is Bendix Woods and Spicer Lake county parks.  In the southern part of the county is Potato Creek State Park, and northwest of South Bend is St. Patrick's Park.  For a complete list of parks and recreation activities, visit our section on amenities.
How far to a beach?
In New Carlisle there is beautiful Hudson Lake.  It is an approximate 40 minute drive to the shores of Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes or Warren Dunes.

About Area Schools

Which school is the best for my children?

Each school district and private or parochial school in St. Joseph County has something unique to offer. The Cooreman Real Estate Group has subdivisions in both the South Bend Community School Corporation district and the New Prairie United School district.  There are also many private and parochial schools in the immediate area and easily accessible from any of the subdivisions.  Choosing the right school for your children is up to your personal preference.

To learn more about any school, call the school directly or visit here.

About Home Financing

How do I determine how much my taxes will be on a new home?
In Indiana, every home is assessed according to predetermined specifications.  That assessed value is then multiplied by the tax rate for the tax district in which the house sits.  The result is the annual tax due, which is paid in arrears.  That means, the tax you pay this year is for the previous year's taxes.  In a newly built home, that means you will not pay property taxes until the following year.  Those taxes will be for taxes due for the current year.  For more information, visit our section on financing.
If I'm not ready to build, how do I finance a new lot now?
There are several options available when purchasing a lot before planning to build. Cash or conventional financing is always the best option. The Cooreman Real Estate Group offers land contracts at competitive rates and terms.