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Northwest Surrounding Amenities - New Carlisle

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New Carlisle Area Amenities
New Carlisle is 10 minutes west of South Bend and enjoys all the South Bend amenities as well. 
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Hamilton Grove Retirement
Miller's Merry Manor (New Carlisle)

Public Services
Olive Twp. Fire Dept. (New Carlisle)
Bendix Woods County Park
Spicer Lake County Park
New Carlisle Town Park
New Carlisle and Olive Township Library
St. Joseph County Sheriff Department
* Olive Twp. offers the lowest tax rates in the county
(See listing of all county tax rates)

New Carlisle Business District

Schools Parochial/Private
New Prairie Public Schools:

(7) Olive Twp. Elementary
(8) New Prairie Jr. High
(8) New Prairie High School
St. Stans Parochial School

New Carlisle Home Cafe
Mel's Diner (New Carlisle)
Noble Romans

(19) New Carlisle Business District

Small Town Charm Americans "Back to the Basics"

By Marcia Adelman

Recently a TIME Magazine cover story (Why More Americans are Fleeing to Small Towns) highlighted a trend that is occurring across our nation. A multitude of suburbanites are making a permanent move to "places where the landscape is emptier; the housing costs lower; the culture more gentle." According to the TIME article, rural America has enjoyed a net inflow of 2 million Americans this decade... a reversal of the small town to big city route that was popular for decades. For most of these predominantly middle-class suburbanites who are fleeing their crowded subdivisions and old city neighborhoods, the reason for leaving are simple - to improve their "quality of life." For many that means a slower pace, characterized by less of the signature items of the 90's...crime, traffic and alienation.

Michiana is privileged to have one of these small town charmers right here in our own back yard. New Carlisle, Indiana, "the little town on the hill," is set amidst the rural beauty of fertile farmlands, woodland hills, lowland marshes and grassy plains. Rich with character and history, many of its homes and public buildings were built at the turn of the century, and remain vibrant living reminders of a simpler time.

Situated between South Bend, LaPorte and Michigan City and only 15 minutes from the Toll Road, New Carlisle is an easy destination from any direction. Residents enjoy the fact that the local New Prairie school system is small and yet is carefully planning for accommodating the population increase that will follow the expansion of the industrial growth of the area. Town Council leaders are dedicated to balancing the need to attract commerce while maintaining that essential hometown atmosphere, by keeping industry nearby, but at a far distance from the rest of the town and expanding residential neighborhoods near the downtown center.

Two new residential neighborhoods, Stone Oak Estates and New Prairie Knolls are located just south of downtown New Carlisle between US 20 and SR 2.

Both developments have opened up new phases to meet the demand for housing by newcomers wanting to be near the Historic Town of New Carlisle, as well as by lifelong residents, looking to upgrade to new housing in their home town. Residents enjoy amenities like sidewalks, cul-de-sacs, streetlights and even ponds with fountains, while experiencing all that the country life has to offer. The developer of these communities, Steve Cooreman of The Cooreman Real Estate Group, was born and raised in New Carlisle, giving him a unique vision for accommodating both the allure of "brand new" housing and the charm of residing near this historic small town.

What makes New Carlisle special? Local residents' comments echo the yearnings of many "fleeing suburbanites"..."We enjoy a nice calm around here"... "It's a great place to raise kids because of the schools."... "I compare it to Mayberry. New Carlisle is friendly, low-key, sincere and beautiful - it's visually a really pretty town and everybody pretty much knows everybody." ...and it's all right here in St. Joseph County, Indiana!

(Articles appeared in the January/February 1998 NEW HOMES Magazine)